The materials

The Maison du Vitrail offers all types of products needed for the making of stained glass

 • U and H lead in all sizes.  
special leads.
adhesive leads.

  weld flux.
pewter (baguettes - rolls).
adhesive tiffany copper.

  lead opener.
• grisailles and enamels
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paintbrushes: liner, badger, fitch brushes etc...

  grinders and face-trimmers.
  glass for fusing.
all types of fusing products.
accessories for Tiffany lamps.

various glass cutters 
rulers ń set squares ń marking gauges 
Tiffany soldering irons and lead

double bladed scissors 
assembling knives 
nails for assembling 

lamp bases 
moulds for the production of lamp shades 
numerous mirror or transparent studs 
all sizes of firing ovens 

mosaic products 
zigzag jack 
all glass bead products 

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